Operations Consultant Danny Maloney (Junior)

We are fortunate to have Danny as our Operations Consultant. Danny has an extensive background in commercial business computer applications. He is instrumental in developing and maintaining our electronic and computer based applications. Danny also provides repairs on all hobby equipment.

Slot Car Racing Consultant Ralph Thorne

We are fortunate to have Ralph Thorne as our Slot Car Racing Consultant. Ralph has an extensive background in slot car racing operations. He owns and operates Ralph Torne Racing, through which he distributes and supplies the slot car racing community with top quality parts and accessories. We are proud to feature his product line, here at SPEEDZONE. Ralph is one of the most knowledgeable slot car enthusiasts in the country and is well suited to oversee our slot car race program.

RC TECH and Consultant Justin Sherman

If it’s RC related our tech Justin can figure it out. He is a semi pro RC racer and can fix about anything on four wheels. We fix everything in house and have the parts to do it on the shelf. Justin is also our outdoor race director, he keeps everything running smooth so everyone can have a great time. So if you have any questions about RC or feel uncomfortable doing it yourself Justin is the man to help you with it.

Owner – Rich Vant Hof

If it moves, Rich loves it. Fascinated by speed and movement at a young age, Rich has maintained a healthy fascination with cars, planes, boats, bikes, sports, etc. A dedicated hobbyist since a young age, it has long been Rich’s goal to provide a positive hobby experience for the Peachtree City community. That goal has come to fruition with SPEEDZONE ; a facility built for family entertainment, youth development and loads of fun.


SpeedZone Sponsors


Electrical Work By: Electrical Ed

Computers By: Affinity Computers

Custom Floor Coatings By: Advance Design Coatings (ADC)

Custom Signage By: Sign Creative

Exterior Signage By: Sign-O-Rama